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Keys / Session player

Teaching ( Vocals and Keys )

Arrangement ( Jingle, Podcast )



Reviews from students

Lessons with Nadine are never boring. She is bright and always in the mood for fun.
She has power in her voice and knows how to use it. She can also teach her students what to do with themselves in order to achieve good results.
I can only recommend classes with Nadine.

Jan Hagin

"Unfortunately, I only had singing lessons

 with Nadine for a good six months, but under her guidance I was able to record progress that I had not had in a year before. Her exercises and techniques lured me out of reserve and showed me that I can Exercise can achieve a lot. Nadine was also very friendly and always encouraged me to do my best. Especially in moments when I doubted my abilities, she encouraged me and always believed in me. I'm very happy, Nadine As a teacher, because her lessons were the perfect mix of challenging and empowering. In addition, Nadine herself is incredibly talented and very good at what she does. I looked forward to singing lessons with her every week! and musically speaking, Nadine was a great teacher and I can recommend her lessons to everyone! “

Annika Östringer

Lessons with Nadine was very fun. She taught me not only playing piano by reading the partitures but also to listen the song carefully, playing chords and try to get the rhyhtm of every songs. I never got bored with her lesson. I can recommend her not only for piano or keyboard lessons but also for singing especially for someone who wants to digging into singer / songwriter.

Louisa Kaltenhäuser


Podcast client

- Indonesian associations Rotterdam ( PPI Rotterdam / podcast roempi Rotterdam )

- Indonesian Embasy The Hague

- Verein Indonesien Schweizer ( VIS )